Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As we chase to keep up with the pace of life, joyfulness is often left behind in the rush. Last week I was reminded of the power of joyfulness. My niece, Carla, visited from Australia. She glows with joy. And what struck me was how infectious joy is. Joyful people bring out the joy in others. We had more fun week last week than we've had for ages, and all it took was a catalyst to get the joy flowing.

In The Adventures of Mali & Keela, joyfulness is demonstrated by wise old Lao fully embracing the joy of flight in the story Flying With the Seagulls. The Virtues Project define joyfulness as an inner sense of peace and happiness. You appreciate the gifts each day brings. And certainly Carla's visit provided all of that.

I loved reading Lisa McKimm's blog on the Parentingworx site where she refered to laughter as 'social glue'... "when you share it with strangers you are instantly bonded". She goes on to say "but it is even more miraculous when sharing it with your family", and I couldn't agree more. As it happens, Parentingworx run a workshop called Raising Kind Kids - The Virtues Project Way.

It was so good to experience joyfulness in action with Carla's visit. Without knowing it she was following Ralph Waldo Emerson's instruction when he said "scatter joy".

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