Sunday, October 24, 2010

Everyday heroes

While The Adventures of Mali & Keela follows the adventures of Mali and Keela (and let's not forget Bongo - a hero in his own right) as they sail the oceans and explore their world, back here in the real world the true heroes often go un-noticed.

I'm talking about the everyday parent. Regular people, doing all they can to make this world a better place for their young'uns to grow up in.

That doesn't mean having to change the world (although, we are just a collection of 7 billion individuals, right, so if we all shift together...) simply making our our small patch of planet better is heroic enough.

I was searching for info about Linda Kavelin-Popov on the web and stumbled upon T.E.M. — a blogger who has written a few blog posts about the Virtues Project. Her latest blog is about friendship. She is also a mother, and one of the many everyday heroes out there.

So here's to the everyday heroes. Keep up the great work!


  1. Thank you so much for your mention! I feel quite humbled... Blessings to you and yours xx

  2. You're very welcome! And thanks in reply for your comment. Warm regards, Jonathan.